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Vet guilt…5 ways to be rid of it for good.

Guilt is a hard thing to avoid. I get it, and I know probably 99% of people get it, and that is being optimistic. Having grown up in catholic home, you are raised to feel guilty over everything, even feeling guilty!  So when your vet basically tells you you need to empty your bank account or your dog will die (in so many words), what do you do?

Recently I took my dog into my vet because she had swollen paws that were giving her a hard time walking.  She’s an old dog, a rescue. I’ve had her for over 8 years, she was probably close to 8 when I got her so you can do the math, that’s a pretty good life.  We gave her the life of Reilly, in fact we should have named her Reilly.  She’s still alive by the way, so good news there.

So swollen paws turned into possible rheumatoid arthritis, which turned into….well, maybe we give her an ultrasound, a thyroid test, no wait – we need to test her liver.  So, after $1100, turns out….she’s old.  She does have a tumour on her liver, that my vet has called me about twice already to “redo” in case it has grown…so if it has then what? Do we operate on a 16 year old dog?

Finding a good vet is like finding a good mechanic, very rare and almost impossible. Understand it’s a business and money needs to be made, these are very skilled doctors and these tests are always informative, but not always necessary…just in my opinion.

If you ever feel like you are backed into a corner at your vet, here are a few steps you can take to help with some of your decision making when it comes to your furry friend.

1. Do your homework. In my case, when I searched online for similar paw issues, I found many posts of people who were dealign with the same. They recommended soaking the dogs’ paws in warm water and epsom salts every night and guess what? It worked! In 3 nights she was better and walking, paws deflated. Unfortunately by then, my bank account was also deflated (better luck next time).

2. Ask many questions. What are we doing and why? What results are you expecting and if we don’t get those, then what? Make sure the next step isn’t, well then we will do surgery, or we will start chemo, if these are the next steps, and your dog is approaching mid to late teens, unless that’s something you feel you would like to put your dog through that might “maybe” work, don’t even commence step one. Again, do your homework.

3. Speak with your vet upfront. Let them know the situation with you furry friend. If she is really too old for chemo and surgery, let them know that if this is where things are headed, you would rather just enjoy the next time together and build lasting memories while there still is that quality of life.

4. To quote Phil on Modern Family, WTF? Why the Face? Ignore it. How many times have we agreed to a procedure for our dog because we felt like we were being judged for being a bad owner? Only you know how much you love your dog, and what your dog can or can’t handle. Don’t let anyone decide for you.

5. Get a second opinion or move to another vet.  Unless your dog has a life threatening, need to take care of it now kind of thing, get a second opinion.  Granted, a second opinion will cost a little more, but your new vet can obtain tests and records from you current vet, or hopefully, before you do any type of test or procedure, you can can get a second consultation. I wish I had done this with my situation, I may have only spent the equivalent of another examination and not paid for every test you can do on a dog (not to mention traumatizing the poor girl), to find out nothing concrete that will help her.

Vet ares great.  They are great people doing great things for animals.  Like any profession, we always strive to deal with the people that do what they do for love and passion.
I have had animals my entire life, and I have been to many vets that put the interest of the animals first.  Sometimes it depends on the doctor and not necessarily the practice. Many times, tests and procedures need to be done.  Let’s just make sure it’s something that will add to Fido’s quality of life and not give him unnecessary nightmares. Ultimately, it would be great to deal with a doctor that knows the difference.
I will be shopping for a new vet next week.







Puppy Love is True Love

It’s February, a time of cold weather, a few more snow dumps and of course Valentine’s Day.  As a former single person I know that when Valentine’s Day comes around, even if you are not the romantic type, you feel left out.  There are marathon fests of sappy and romantic movies that would make even the most non-romantic person you know say “awwww….so sweet”.

When you’re single, you don’t really notice it as much as you do in February.  So does it always have to be a significant other? I beg to disagree completely.  Love comes in all shapes and forms.  You love your significant other sure, but if you don’t have one, there’s lots of love in all of us and a big part of my heart belongs to animals and yes of course, my dogs.  Sure, I have someone now, plus a gem of a little boy who I was blessed to come into my life, but that hasn’t lessened the love for my two girls (canine girls that is).  The thing about our significant others, and our little people some of us will have and some of us won’t – is that sure they love you, but they don’t always like you. Imagine coming home from a stressful day of work to temper tantrums and grumpy moods because your “significant others” also had bad days…ouch.

Now imagine this…having a stressful day and coming home to an animal that is so happy to see you, that they can barely contain themselves and to have that happiness last for at least 10 minutes, that over enthusiasm last for 10minutes, but the joy and happiness last and last all night. Then receiving that same treatment in the morning, then again when you get the paper, then when you come back from the bathroom (are you getting the point?).

Having a dog is way more than feeding, walking, and vet visits. It’s unconditional love, it’s that love that doesn’t care if gained ten pounds, ate an entire jar of Nutella for dinner, grew two new zits or left the toilet seat up (in fact that last one they may prefer).  Dogs (and cats) in fact, lower your blood pressure, keep you calm, release happy endorphins and keep you healthy (if you keep them healthy with walks).

Basically you get what you give, actually let me correct myself, from a dog, you get it anyways.

When you rescue a dog, you are rescuing yourself too.

Please check our adoption events to see how you can find true love this Valentine’s Day.

Do you pick your dog or does your dog pick you?

Back in 2006, I was looking for a Dachshund. I really wanted a Dachshund. I knew nothing about them but in the condo I lived in, I’d see a man almost everyday, walking his Dachshund off-leash. It was so calm, cute and sweet.  Just the type of temperament I wanted in a dog (boy was I surprised :).  So I set out on my search.  I had heard of a family who had a “batch” of Dachshund puppies for sale (I know, I have rescued since) but at the time, it was hard to resist these cute little faces.  I am also proud to report that the family that had this litter were loving, caring and loved these dogs as if they were going to keep them all…so I proceeded with the viewing of the puppies.
When I got to the home, the mother (a sweet black and tan) and father (an absolute adorable chestnut colour) both smooth came running over, so excited to see a stranger they had never met before and to be honest (back in my ignorant days), I thought these were the puppies!  “Only two left?” I asked the homeowner.  “No” she said “the puppies are in there”.  She proceeded to point to the kitchen which was blocked by a baby gate, and I saw the cutest five tiny little faces all in a cluster, trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious strangers. My eye immediately went to the smaller brown one (there were three black and tan, and two brown).  “This is the one I want” I said.
“That one is the girl” she told me.
“Geez, I really wanted  boy dog” I said. “Let me take the other brown one then”.  Don’t ask why I wanted  boy dog. I think as a born again dog person (formally a cat person), I wanted the opposite of my beloved deceased Molly.  Oppose of a cat, a dog. Opposite of a female, a male.  Opposite of a black and white cat, a brown dog (ok, not really but I went with it anyways).
As my new friends drew up the sale for the little brown boy dog, I looked at my husband holding him. Something just didn’t feel right to me.  As the little Dachshunds that were the size of medium rats ran around like mini Tasmanian devils, I asked “where is the little brown girl pup?”.
“She’s right there” my husband said and pointed to my foot.  With one paw on my foot like she owned me, and half sitting on my summer clog, I turned to my new friends and said “you know what, I am going to take this little female instead”.  I swear I saw her stick her tongue out at her brother as we walked out to our new life.
Have a fun life, get a Dachshund.



Cool Gifts for the Doxie Lover

So you have a Doxie lover on your list and are stuck on what to buy them? With so many options, you will be able to make any Doxie owner happy, regardless of their personality.

Check out our picks for the cutest finds for your furry friend lover!

For the social media fan – Doggie selfie kit

Kit features 11 props and a wipe off board and marker for funny sayings. Watch out Kim Kardashian, our doxies are coming with some selfies of their own.

Doggie Selfies


For the Sports lover – Team logo food bowls

What’s better than your favourite team logo for your best friend? This cool Maple Leafs bowl is one of many teams available for any sports lover and dog lover on your list.

Doggie ML Bowl


For the overachiever – Note pads for to do lists

These dog inspired note pads are so handy and so adorable for an over achieving dog lover on your Christmas list.

To Do Pad

For the Health Nut – Gluten Free Dog Treats

Gluten Free, grain free, vegetarian, all natural, you name it. If you can dream it, it exists. I chose these ones by ISLE of DOGS since one of my girls needs joint help and needs to stay away from meat, but with so many choices, you can please any picky Doxie.

Doggie GFree TReats

For the Sentimental Soul (aka every dog lover)

A tear jerking picture frame. It’s even better if you can sneak a picture of the them with their little one and frame it for them….awww, so cute.

Doggie Frame

Doggie Rescue Frame

As a Doxie lover myself, I know that any of these gifts would be a joy to open up on Christmas day.  If none of these are appropriate for your Doxie lover, why not make a donation to the CDRO on their behalf or on behalf of their Doxie, and make Christmas extra special.

Merry Christmas everyone.








Avoid these gifts when Shopping for your Doxie this Christmas

It’s that time of year again.  I don’t know about you but I am completely organized when it comes to Christmas. I make a spreadsheet of everyone’s name, what I will buy them and how much I am spending.  Every year I do this, and every year I never stick to it and lose track of not only what was on these spreadsheets, but even where I saved them.

So, we know the average person spends $1000 on Christmas gifts every year and we also know the average dog owner will spend $40-$50 on their pooch (and some much more).

There is an overwhelmingly amount of different varieties of gifts for dogs these days.  Cute sweaters (which they hate by the way), Santa and Elf outfits (which I guarantee they will hate more than the sweaters), little designer booties (which they 100% will hate the most).

So what’s the best gift for your dachshund?  From the years of owning a Dachshund here are a few things NOT to buy them this year. Got your pen handy? Cross these off your list and save your money…


Not a happy Doxie…

  • Sweaters – I know they are necessary especially for the short haired doxies, but as a gift? They hate getting clothes as much as kids.
  • Little Santa or Elf costumes – they hate it at Halloween, and Christmas is no different.
  • Booties – I love getting boots as a gift, Dachshunds, not so much.
  • A bag of dog food – you have to feed them, why would they be excited?
  • A new leash – really? Do I need to explain?

Things to get your Dachshund overly excited on Christmas morning

  • Toys and more toys! – I think we all agree they’ll be all over this one…
  • Dried Chicken Feet – yes you heard me correctly. You can buy them at the Bulk Barn. Dry chicken and Duck feet and boy do they love them, and good for their sharp Dachshund teeth too.
  • Treats – I have never met a Dachshund that doesn’t love their treats.
  • Beef Bones – buy these at the grocery store or ask your butcher if you can’t find them. Pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes and let them scoop out the marrow. It’s the perfect treat for Christmas, try to find small ones if you have a mini Doxie.
  • Special baked treats – whip up your own dog treats for an extra special Christmas
  • Love & Time – there is no better gift than this. Take your Doxie out for a Christmas Eve stroll to look at the lights, or Christmas Day walk in the park…there is no greater joy, especially for a rescue dog.

Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night.

Ten Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

It’s November (already-sigh) do you believe it? Yet, a few weeks back, I found myself slicing up some tropical Papaya (yes I miss Summer already and it’s hardly been cold yet!), when I stepped in something I thought was water but turned out to be Dachshund saliva.  Both dogs were at my feet madly salivating over this tropical fruit.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about what foods are safe for dogs and what aren’t, however I was at a loss with Papaya.  I quickly stopped myself from slicing off two pieces for each of the girls to enjoy and had my husband Google “is Papaya safe for dogs?”- answer, absolutely! Papaya is rich in fiber and used to treat digestive problems in our furry friends such as bloating and flatulence!
Who knew this tropical delight was so healthy for fido?
We are forever hearing conflicting reports of what’s good for us and what isn’t, the same is true for the animal world.  There are some things that react badly with dogs that are perfectly fine for us humans (to devour) and many others that are fine.  Heck, haven’t dogs been around for centuries? Haven’t they survived on their own without kibble and little bowls of filtered water with their little names on them? Didn’t they survive on berries and raw meat, streams and pond water?  Just like us, everything in moderation is the key to not only a happy life, but also a healthy one.

10 Foods You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog
Macadamia Nuts
Apple Seeds (Cores)
Yeast Foods

No you can’t give dogs Chinese fried rice, not even in moderation, but there are certainly some healthy and tasty snacks that they can have in moderation that will give them a break from their boring kibbled or canned food lives.

10 Healthy Snacks for Dogs (In moderation)
Cucumber Slices
Sweet Potatoes
Apple Slices
Cooked Rice
Cooked Lean Meat or Fish
Bell Peppers
Pear Slices
Plain Oatmeal

Try this super easy “100% Dachshund approved” snack.  These snacks can keep up to a week in an airtight container. The rest can be frozen and thawed as needed.

Dachshund Approved” Harvest Doggie Drop Cookies

1 ½ cups all purpose flour
1 cup rolled oats
1 tbsp flax seeds
½  tsp salt
½ tsp cinnamon
1 egg
½ cup canned pumpkin (pure not pie filling)
½ cup applesauce

Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix
STep 1 final

Combine wet ingredients in a smaller bowl and mix
Step 2 final

Mix wet ingredients into wet until just combined
Step 3

At this point you can refrigerate or freeze and bake later J
Bagged to freezer final

Drop into about  ½ inch balls (for mini doxie) and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
Baked final

Once completely cool, these can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week.
Freeze what you will not use in a week and thaw and serve as needed.
Final Jar

Enjoy! I guarantee your doxie will J

Halloween Night: Keeping Your Wiener Safe

I absolutely love Halloween. I also love my dogs, therefore, I love to dress my dogs up for Halloween.  I remember years back when in order to dress Fido up, you would need to pull out your Singer (did I just completely date myself?).
These days, there is no shortage of Halloween costumes for dogs.  My favourite being the little mini headless horseman figure (which you would then attach to your dog, and the dog is the horse – are you picturing it?) And let’s not forget the ever popular “hot dog” specifically made for the Dachshund (which I totally bought for my wiener BTW).
It’s becoming increasingly acceptable to dress up our dogs, just like we do our kids (or even ourselves) and head out for a spooky night of tricking or treating. So how do we make sure our fur kids stay just as safe as our human kids?
Halloween can be extra scary for our dogs. I’m not talking about all the goblins and ghosts, but something even scarier…kids, and lots of them!

Here are the top ways to make sure your fur baby enjoys this Halloween and stays around for next Halloween:
Keep chocolate and all treats far from reach.
We can’t stress enough the dangers of chocolate to dogs, yet every year, countless dogs are taken to the ER.  Accidents happen yes, but with a little extra care, they don’t have to.
If your dog’s skittish, keep them far from crowds.

Many dogs (like my Cici), are a little more nervous around crowds, and can work themselves into a frenzy including vomiting and nervous biting at the constant doorbell and knocking.  Keep them in a quiet room with their doggy bed a softly playing radio. If it’s a warmer night, stand on your porch and hand out candy, or keep close watch and get the door before the kids do.
For goodness sake, please keep them indoors and not in the yard.
You’d be surprised at what some so called “pranksters” will do on Halloween night to dogs and cats. I won’t get into it. Just picture the worst possible scenario. Case and point taken.
Make sure you have a pet ID
If your dog is really good with crowds and walking the neighbourhood Halloween night, great! But better safe than sorry, keep that ID tag on just incase he gets loose.  It’s a small thing that could just get your best friend back to you.
Keep lit pumpkins away from Fido
Dogs are curious little creatures.  Dachshunds who are especially low to the ground, love to stick there nose in anything and LOVE the taste of a good pumpkin cooking (or burning).  Keep the glowing gourd at a safe distance.  Your wouldn’t want to see your friend suffer a nose burn or perhaps something more serious.
Keep the costumes on the dog rack (if they hate it)
OK, I know I said I love to dress them up, but not sure if they love it so much.  Honestly, I only do it for the scrapbook so I can look back and say…remember that, she looked so cute for five minutes.  That’s right, $15 for 5 minutes, but that’s the way it is and I accept it.  Keep the costumes off if they don’t want them, it’s only fair 🙂

Stick with this list to and to make sure you have an extra fun, and super safe Halloween!
Happy Hallowihalloweenie_logoeening!!