Puppy Love is True Love

It’s February, a time of cold weather, a few more snow dumps and of course Valentine’s Day.  As a former single person I know that when Valentine’s Day comes around, even if you are not the romantic type, you feel left out.  There are marathon fests of sappy and romantic movies that would make even the most non-romantic person you know say “awwww….so sweet”.

When you’re single, you don’t really notice it as much as you do in February.  So does it always have to be a significant other? I beg to disagree completely.  Love comes in all shapes and forms.  You love your significant other sure, but if you don’t have one, there’s lots of love in all of us and a big part of my heart belongs to animals and yes of course, my dogs.  Sure, I have someone now, plus a gem of a little boy who I was blessed to come into my life, but that hasn’t lessened the love for my two girls (canine girls that is).  The thing about our significant others, and our little people some of us will have and some of us won’t – is that sure they love you, but they don’t always like you. Imagine coming home from a stressful day of work to temper tantrums and grumpy moods because your “significant others” also had bad days…ouch.

Now imagine this…having a stressful day and coming home to an animal that is so happy to see you, that they can barely contain themselves and to have that happiness last for at least 10 minutes, that over enthusiasm last for 10minutes, but the joy and happiness last and last all night. Then receiving that same treatment in the morning, then again when you get the paper, then when you come back from the bathroom (are you getting the point?).

Having a dog is way more than feeding, walking, and vet visits. It’s unconditional love, it’s that love that doesn’t care if gained ten pounds, ate an entire jar of Nutella for dinner, grew two new zits or left the toilet seat up (in fact that last one they may prefer).  Dogs (and cats) in fact, lower your blood pressure, keep you calm, release happy endorphins and keep you healthy (if you keep them healthy with walks).

Basically you get what you give, actually let me correct myself, from a dog, you get it anyways.

When you rescue a dog, you are rescuing yourself too.

Please check our adoption events to see how you can find true love this Valentine’s Day.


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