Cool Gifts for the Doxie Lover

So you have a Doxie lover on your list and are stuck on what to buy them? With so many options, you will be able to make any Doxie owner happy, regardless of their personality.

Check out our picks for the cutest finds for your furry friend lover!

For the social media fan – Doggie selfie kit

Kit features 11 props and a wipe off board and marker for funny sayings. Watch out Kim Kardashian, our doxies are coming with some selfies of their own.

Doggie Selfies


For the Sports lover – Team logo food bowls

What’s better than your favourite team logo for your best friend? This cool Maple Leafs bowl is one of many teams available for any sports lover and dog lover on your list.

Doggie ML Bowl


For the overachiever – Note pads for to do lists

These dog inspired note pads are so handy and so adorable for an over achieving dog lover on your Christmas list.

To Do Pad

For the Health Nut – Gluten Free Dog Treats

Gluten Free, grain free, vegetarian, all natural, you name it. If you can dream it, it exists. I chose these ones by ISLE of DOGS since one of my girls needs joint help and needs to stay away from meat, but with so many choices, you can please any picky Doxie.

Doggie GFree TReats

For the Sentimental Soul (aka every dog lover)

A tear jerking picture frame. It’s even better if you can sneak a picture of the them with their little one and frame it for them….awww, so cute.

Doggie Frame

Doggie Rescue Frame

As a Doxie lover myself, I know that any of these gifts would be a joy to open up on Christmas day.  If none of these are appropriate for your Doxie lover, why not make a donation to the CDRO on their behalf or on behalf of their Doxie, and make Christmas extra special.

Merry Christmas everyone.









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