Avoid these gifts when Shopping for your Doxie this Christmas

It’s that time of year again.  I don’t know about you but I am completely organized when it comes to Christmas. I make a spreadsheet of everyone’s name, what I will buy them and how much I am spending.  Every year I do this, and every year I never stick to it and lose track of not only what was on these spreadsheets, but even where I saved them.

So, we know the average person spends $1000 on Christmas gifts every year and we also know the average dog owner will spend $40-$50 on their pooch (and some much more).

There is an overwhelmingly amount of different varieties of gifts for dogs these days.  Cute sweaters (which they hate by the way), Santa and Elf outfits (which I guarantee they will hate more than the sweaters), little designer booties (which they 100% will hate the most).

So what’s the best gift for your dachshund?  From the years of owning a Dachshund here are a few things NOT to buy them this year. Got your pen handy? Cross these off your list and save your money…


Not a happy Doxie…

  • Sweaters – I know they are necessary especially for the short haired doxies, but as a gift? They hate getting clothes as much as kids.
  • Little Santa or Elf costumes – they hate it at Halloween, and Christmas is no different.
  • Booties – I love getting boots as a gift, Dachshunds, not so much.
  • A bag of dog food – you have to feed them, why would they be excited?
  • A new leash – really? Do I need to explain?

Things to get your Dachshund overly excited on Christmas morning

  • Toys and more toys! – I think we all agree they’ll be all over this one…
  • Dried Chicken Feet – yes you heard me correctly. You can buy them at the Bulk Barn. Dry chicken and Duck feet and boy do they love them, and good for their sharp Dachshund teeth too.
  • Treats – I have never met a Dachshund that doesn’t love their treats.
  • Beef Bones – buy these at the grocery store or ask your butcher if you can’t find them. Pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes and let them scoop out the marrow. It’s the perfect treat for Christmas, try to find small ones if you have a mini Doxie.
  • Special baked treats – whip up your own dog treats for an extra special Christmas
  • Love & Time – there is no better gift than this. Take your Doxie out for a Christmas Eve stroll to look at the lights, or Christmas Day walk in the park…there is no greater joy, especially for a rescue dog.

Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night.


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