Halloween Night: Keeping Your Wiener Safe

I absolutely love Halloween. I also love my dogs, therefore, I love to dress my dogs up for Halloween.  I remember years back when in order to dress Fido up, you would need to pull out your Singer (did I just completely date myself?).
These days, there is no shortage of Halloween costumes for dogs.  My favourite being the little mini headless horseman figure (which you would then attach to your dog, and the dog is the horse – are you picturing it?) And let’s not forget the ever popular “hot dog” specifically made for the Dachshund (which I totally bought for my wiener BTW).
It’s becoming increasingly acceptable to dress up our dogs, just like we do our kids (or even ourselves) and head out for a spooky night of tricking or treating. So how do we make sure our fur kids stay just as safe as our human kids?
Halloween can be extra scary for our dogs. I’m not talking about all the goblins and ghosts, but something even scarier…kids, and lots of them!

Here are the top ways to make sure your fur baby enjoys this Halloween and stays around for next Halloween:
Keep chocolate and all treats far from reach.
We can’t stress enough the dangers of chocolate to dogs, yet every year, countless dogs are taken to the ER.  Accidents happen yes, but with a little extra care, they don’t have to.
If your dog’s skittish, keep them far from crowds.

Many dogs (like my Cici), are a little more nervous around crowds, and can work themselves into a frenzy including vomiting and nervous biting at the constant doorbell and knocking.  Keep them in a quiet room with their doggy bed a softly playing radio. If it’s a warmer night, stand on your porch and hand out candy, or keep close watch and get the door before the kids do.
For goodness sake, please keep them indoors and not in the yard.
You’d be surprised at what some so called “pranksters” will do on Halloween night to dogs and cats. I won’t get into it. Just picture the worst possible scenario. Case and point taken.
Make sure you have a pet ID
If your dog is really good with crowds and walking the neighbourhood Halloween night, great! But better safe than sorry, keep that ID tag on just incase he gets loose.  It’s a small thing that could just get your best friend back to you.
Keep lit pumpkins away from Fido
Dogs are curious little creatures.  Dachshunds who are especially low to the ground, love to stick there nose in anything and LOVE the taste of a good pumpkin cooking (or burning).  Keep the glowing gourd at a safe distance.  Your wouldn’t want to see your friend suffer a nose burn or perhaps something more serious.
Keep the costumes on the dog rack (if they hate it)
OK, I know I said I love to dress them up, but not sure if they love it so much.  Honestly, I only do it for the scrapbook so I can look back and say…remember that, she looked so cute for five minutes.  That’s right, $15 for 5 minutes, but that’s the way it is and I accept it.  Keep the costumes off if they don’t want them, it’s only fair 🙂

Stick with this list to and to make sure you have an extra fun, and super safe Halloween!
Happy Hallowihalloweenie_logoeening!!


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